Dog Christmas vest

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Material: Cotton
Product Category: T-shirt
Style: Christmas
Applicable gender: General
Color: style 1, style 2, style 3, style 4, style 5, style 6, style 7, style 8
Size: XS, S, M, L

[XS] clothing length 19CM bust 28CM neck circumference 19CM
[S] length 24CM bust 34CM neck circumference 22CM
[M] Length 30CM Bust 42CM Neck 26CM
[[L] length 35CM bust 47CM neck circumference 33CM

Due to manual measurements, please allow a difference of 2-3 cm. DSC_5470_副本

DSC_5473_副本 DSC_5501_副本

DSC_5503_副本 DSC_5512_副本 DSC_5418_副本 IMG_5320_副本ali IMG_5336_副本ali

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